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Enroll by our spring enrollment deadline on March 15, 2021

Secure your place at EF Academy for the 2021/2022 school year and take the first step towards transforming your high school education. Spaces are limited and we strongly advise students to enroll by our spring enrollment deadline on March 15, 2021.

With our Safe Learning Promise, students applying to EF Academy for the 2021 academic school year are guaranteed to continue their education no matter what. In the safety of our campuses or at home for those who need it, EF Academy students will stay on track towards obtaining their diplomas, broaden their horizons and receive expert university advising in an international environment however the world continues to change.

In this extraordinary climate, we are providing families with more support than ever before to ensure studying abroad in 2021 is still possible. In addition to the support given through our Safe Learning Promise, we are inviting new students and their families to participate in a series of exclusive preparation activities to make sure families feel confident and ready to embark on their international journey with EF Academy. The sooner families enroll, the more activities will be available to participate in. See our schedule of planned activities below.

Speak to your local Admissions Consultant to learn more about how you could study abroad next school year and start planning your international future.

Preparation activities

Enroll now to start benefiting from our series of preparation activities. Events will be hosted in English by staff and faculty from EF Academy:


Student support at EF Academy

Understand the support system at your disposal at EF Academy. From Pathway Managers and University Advisors to Resident Advisors and nurses, get to know the people who are here to support you, who to reach out to and how to ask for help.


EF Academy Alumni Q&A

What is a typical day like at EF Academy? What is it like having roommates from other countries? How do you spend your time on weekends? Join two alumni in conversation about their experiences studying abroad at EF Academy!


Co-curriculars at EF Academy: Clubs, activities, trips and excursions

Find out how you can make the most of studying at EF Academy by exploring your creative side, staying active and finding new passions. Discover a world of opportunities beyond the classroom on in and around campus, as well as through trips and excursions in New York, the US and abroad.


Virtual campus tour with the Head of School

Join your Head of School for an exclusive virtual tour of your future campus along with your new classmates. Visit residence halls, classrooms, sports facilities and more to familiarize yourself with your new school before you arrive!


Workshop: Preparing for your high school adventure abroad

Preparing ahead is the key to success. In this session we’ll help you prepare for your adventure abroad by sharing tips for studying and living in another language, managing homesickness, keeping in touch with friends and family, budgeting, staying motivated, creating your bucket list well before your travel and much more to maximize your time abroad.


Parent meeting: The EF Academy Parent Portal

Our EF Academy Parent Portal keeps you connected to your child and their academic progress at all times. This session for parents will feature a demo on how to use our parent app and showcase its most useful features.


Student meeting: Meet your fellow classmates

Meet some of your classmates for 2021 and make friends before you arrive on campus! In this session, you’ll also find out more about what your typical school day will look like and the subjects available.

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