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Students continue to live and learn in our safely operating campuses

Our campuses are open, with the majority of students participating in face-to-face learning and regular campus life activities. Students unable to travel are learning online with our hybrid learning program – so everyone stays on track with their education at EF Academy.

Below is an overview of the current state of learning at EF Academy. Current students and their families are being kept up to date on the latest information and protocols through campus staff and their local admissions offices.

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Safety protocols

We have significantly expanded health and safety measures across our campuses, including a complete redesign of our student intake protocols. The protocols help ensure incoming students have a safe arrival to campus while protecting students and staff who are already on campus.

Our onsite health provision is run by staff who are trained to care for students’ physical and emotional health and respond to medical emergencies. In the event of a student showing symptoms resembling those of COVID-19, strict processes are in place to ensure these instances are responded to immediately and efficiently.

Throughout our campuses, we have implemented social distancing rules in classrooms and other public spaces. Masks are required to be worn by students and staff in all shared spaces. We are fulfilling the safety measures required by the respective local health authorities of our campuses and will continue to adapt our plan of action to the changing situation as needed.

You can find more details about our current health protocols below:

US Health Protocol

School year 20-21

UK Health Protocol

School year 20-21

Teaching and university advising

Our campuses are following a hybrid learning program that ensures the continuance of every single one of our students’ education without interruption. Since August 2020, we have welcomed over 650 students back to campus to resume face-to-face teaching and appropriate campus life activities. Students who have not yet been able to travel are following online classes, assignments and remaining in close contact with teachers facilitated by various digital platforms. This equally rigorous academic program delivered via online learning ensures our students continue to achieve their best.

Our university advising program is also taking place on campus and virtually for students learning remotely. All students are participating in workshops and attending meetings with their university advisor to remain on track with university planning and applications. At EF Academy, university advising is considered a fundamental part of our programs and will always be available to students either in-person or online.

Safe Learning Promise

Our Safe Learning Promise guarantees that EF Academy students will continue their education with us no matter what – in the safety of our campuses or at home for those who need it.

Read our full Safe Learning Promise.

EF Academy remains as committed as ever to delivering a world-class education to all students. Our staff and faculty will continue to do whatever is necessary to make sure our students fulfil their potential, feeling ready to embrace a future of global opportunities

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